It’s been a long time. But, I am back.


I am sorry. I have neglected blogging for quite some time. I have several subscribers, so I wanted to let you all know what is going on in life.

First, I assume you all have noticed the change going on around my website. For one, the website link has changed. I will explain further, later. second, this website has become less of a personal website/blog and more of a community resource for my small town in Missouri. I plan to continue to blog personal stuff here and there, and lots of community stuff.

As for my healing journey, I am doing so well personally. I have FINALLY reached out to a wonderful therapist. She has been helping me out so much with everything I’ve gone through so I am making strides there but still have a long ways to go. (If you haven’t checked out EMDR therapy- please do. If you think you are “too strong” for a therapist- you are not. Find yourself a good one. It helps) Due to covid I am battling depression along with my usual anxiety. It’s ok, I will get through it. Along with all of this, I have created ANOTHER domestic violence resource. This is very exciting, but also very overwhelming.

As for my new resource, It is going wonderful. We have a board of 7 WONDERFUL people (Four women, three men), We have monthly meetings, we support and encourage each other and it is an all around wonderful thing. Starting today, this website will be evolving into a community resource for Dallas County, Missouri but will also include personal blog posts from myself and others survivors with stories and information you do not want to miss. This website will also include statistics, and information to help victims create their own safety plans. (for victims who live in any community.)


I would like to thank you all for being here. Listening to me, following me for all these years. I am determined to make a difference.

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